Superfast Broadband

The Connected Counties project in conjunction with BT is accelerating the rollout of fiber optic broadband in our area. To keep residents updated about this I want to share below the email I received about the superfast broadband project this March.

A document listing the rollout out schedule by postcode is available by clicking here.

A flyer about the project is available by clicking here.

The general registration and area search web page is available by clicking here.

Email from Connected Counties project:

Dear Councillors,

I am getting in touch on behalf of Connected Counties, a partnership between Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire County Councils, other public sector organisations and BT to enhance access to superfast broadband in areas of Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire where commercial providers are unwilling to invest. I am very happy to inform you that thanks to our programme, a number of premises (residential and business) in your parishes can now order superfast broadband which will increase their internet speeds with all the advantages this entails. Please see<> for more information.

The take up of broadband is quite low in your Ward and many people may not be aware that they can access this improved service. I would very much value any support you can provide in communicating this news to residents and businesses. To aid with this, I have attached a digital copy of the Connected Counties leaflet and can send you leaflets and posters to help publicise the availability of broadband in your area.

Please encourage any residents/businesses to check their address or landline on our website here – When and where can I get superfast broadband?<> – as this will let them know whether they are covered by our programme. Please note that not every premise will be covered by our programme at this time – some may already have commercial coverage, while others may be covered by a later stage of the programme

Superfast broadband provides a real boost to the online possibilities in your area. While everyone may not wish to purchase it from an ISP, it’s desirable that people are at least aware of this improved service. As such, I would be hugely grateful for any support you could provide to let residents and businesses know that superfast broadband is available in your area.

Thank you.

Rob Burrows | Broadband Project Assistant Connected Counties



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