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I was born towards the end of World War II and lived in North West London and attended St John’s C of E school in Hendon, from where I gained a scholarship to attend Henrietta Barnett Grammar School in Hampstead Garden Suburb.  I then attended Pitman’s Business College for a year and started work at the BBC in London, in Foreign News.  At the same time, I studied at the London Polytechnic in Regent Street, where I took an Advanced French Diploma.

At the age of 21 I was offered a job in the USA with the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development), which was part of the United Nations.  I transferred to its sister organisation, the International Monetary Fund and, after 3 years, transferred to their Paris office.  When I returned to the UK I worked for Granada TV and then for an American organisation.  It was at this time that I married my Greek husband, had my daughter, and divorced after 24 years.  I worked for the last 23 years of my career as a public relations director, fund-raiser and major events organiser for The Purcell Specialist Music School, raising substantial funds towards its development programme.  I lived in London.

My parents moved in to Welwyn in1983 and I used to visit most weekends. In 2002 they died within 2 months of one another and I decided to move permanently to Welwyn, leading up to my imminent retirement in 2004.  On retirement, I was invited to become a Governor of the Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme in Hitchin, an organisation with which I had been involved for over 20 years.  I love living in Welwyn Village and have, since 2002, thrown myself into many activities within the local community, as well as supporting local and national charitable organisations.

I am a doting grandmother.  I have had a partner/companion for the past 15 years, Watford comedian and Water Rat, George Saunders, who makes me laugh and keeps me sane!

I am thrilled to have become a local councillor at this stage in my life – it is a challenge which I take up with great enthusiasm!


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  1. Heather Nicholls says:

    There are some sad people around aren’t there! It’s particularly unfortunate for constituents when such individuals are elected to public office to represent them. When we put that ‘X’ on the ballot form we assume that the candidate is a fine upstanding pillar of the community, an individual that is prepared to stand up for justice and the interests of residents and be up front about it. Hiding under the cloak of anonymity rather than having the courage to openly confront a fellow councillor over an issue they may have with their web site doesn’t meet this criteria in my view.

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