Dear residents and followers of this website,

It is with regret that I am closing down this site at the end of May as I feel there is no longer a need for me to retain a political outlet or blog.

As stated in this week’s Welwyn Hatfield Timnes, I am “DOWN BUT NOT OUT!”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have given me such wonderful support, during the last six years and particularly during the recent campaign. Thank you also to the 785 residents of Welwyn West who so kindly voted for me in the local election on May 3rd. The 1054 votes for the Conservative candidate gave him a very clear majority and I congratulate him.

The constant paper flow of threats that there would be a hard-left council if the Conservatives lost control, together with the bombardment of emails from Grant Shapps, made an impact with those who could not see through the lies. The efforts made by the opposition to ensure that I was not elected were flattering, but insurmountable! My battle with just a few soldiers against an army with no morals was very difficult. In addition, the boundary change 2 years ago was a major factor in the result.

It seems clear that Welwyn has a strong Conservative core which cannot separate local from national politics. This is unlikely to change until some grave disservice to residents is committed! At present, these members of the electorate fall for the same old deception, i.e. a vote for anyone other than the Conservatives will put up their taxes or allow Labour to take over! Then there are the last-minute emails from Grant Shapps MP (which are of course from Conservative local Head Office sent out under his name) urging voters to follow his advice. This year the lies were more blatant, but a large number of people fell for them.

To have polled a personal vote this time of just below 800 – running an honest campaign, without the backing of a political party and its team, is an achievement that I will always treasure.

If I had played as dirty as the opposition, there may well have been a different outcome – but I would have found no personal satisfaction in an immoral victory. I am proud to be able to say that I fought a squeaky clean, and above all honest, campaign.

Although disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to serve residents of Welwyn West as a Borough Councillor, I am still very much involved with the community through the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group and the Welwyn Parish Plan Group, as well as Neighbourhood and Business Watch.

I will still be posting notices as Project Manager for the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group. If you have not joined, please do so as we do keep a close eye on any issues affecting our lovely village. We post regular updates and links to other local groups, making the WPAG website a good source of general information.

As a WPAG member, I am co-opted onto Welwyn Parish Council’s Planning & Licensing Committee, which helps me to stay up to date with proposals and developments.

The Welwyn Parish Plan Group (no website as yet) is responsible for the very successful Community Café and the installation of defibrillators in the Parish, as well as planting many of the beautiful flowers and shrubs you see on the open areas in and around the village.

My email: will remain active so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need to.

My care and concern for Welwyn and its residents will not change and I will continue to help in any way that I can.

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