Local Election This Thursday!

After so long in the rain and the cold, at last a warmer, sunnier day! 

I have been out knocking doors for 4 weeks and the warmth of the welcome I have received has been amazing. A huge thank you also to all of you who follow this website. 

I have aimed to keep my posts informative and inoffensive.  I only wish I could say the same for the Conservative leaflets, distributed yesterday and today – too late for me to challenge them in the press! There are direct attacks on me by someone who barely knows Welwyn, having only recently moved here. I am truly saddened by the depths to which local politics appears to have sunk and am surprised that a new candidate could put his signature to such propaganda. 

As for the accusations of being a “bedfellow of the LibDems” – presumably because they are not standing against me, please allow me to clarify:  

The LibDems decided not to stand in Welwyn – they only polled a few votes in 2016 with a paper candidate. In 2012 they did not stand a candidate. I think they are concentrating very much on the wards where they hope to win seats, such as Panshanger and Sherrards and not wasting their resources on Welwyn West. 

When I was elected as an Independent Councillor in 2012, I didn’t JOIN the LibDems. They kindly allowed me to create a “Group” within the Council as I was a single and solitary Independent. I was under no obligation to vote with them at any time, nor was I ever a member of the LibDem Party. 

Forming the Independent/Lib Dem Group within the council was the only course of action open to me to enable me to sit on council committees.  This was because the Conservative Leader, John Dean, refused outright to let me participate! He had the right to allow or refuse and, of course, he refused. 

In this current local election we have 7 Independent candidates. Provided a minimum of 2 are elected, we would be considered as a group and eligible to be committee members. 

We are of course hoping for more than 2, and this would bring some balance to the council membership and in fact (contrary to the propaganda) could actually help prevent the “hard-left” situation that is being forecast! 

Only 2 days to go to May 3rd – and I think we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief. I would like the time now to get on with the job in hand, either as a Councillor if elected or, if not, by staying with the Welwyn Planning & Amenity Group and the Welwyn Parish Plan Group. 

 Either way, residents of Welwyn West may be assured of my continued care and work for our very special community. 

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